Thursday, September 28, 2006

Z Week

I'm beginning to suspect that the comics industry is conspiring to bankrupt me by publishing zombie epics at an ever-increasing frequency.

Pictured here are 4 items that were all shipped this week: Marvel's Essential Tales of the Zombie Vol. 1, IGN's The Walking Dead Vol. 5, IDW's Zombies! #4, and the first issue of Zombie from Marvel's MAX imprint.

Combine those with such books as the new Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, Ultimates 2 #12, Ultimate Spider-Man #100, a handful of "Civil War" tie-ins, Grant Morrison's Batman and a few other DC comics that I'm reading, and it's an expensive week.

Anyone else find themselves having to make an excessive outlay of cash yesterday? Because personally, I'm starting to feel like I'm working for the company store.

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