Saturday, September 30, 2006

Slumming with Spider-Man

What we have here is a picture of my son Matthew posing with Spider-Man at the Grand Opening of the new Best Buy here in Lake Charles, Louisiana ("Superhero Visits Hick Town, Film at 11:00").

I learned of Spidey's scheduled appearance from an ad in yesterday's newspaper, which I purchased for the article on the Lake Area Film Group's 2nd Annual Contraband Film Festival, which is being held tonight.

As I mentioned previously, the Festival marks the premiere of the Director's Cut of Eternal, our entry into the 48-Hour Film Project that we shot last May in Houston, Texas.

Anyway, between our pilgrimage to Best Buy to get Spider-Man's autograph (and where I finally got around to picking up 28 Days Later on DVD for $9.99) and preparations for the film fest, this is all the time I have for blogging today.

I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with pictures and stories from the festival. In the meantime, we should all contemplate how low our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man's career has plummeted since he sided with Iron Man in that whole Superhuman Registration Act debacle.

Seriously, Spidey, the Grand Opening of a Best Buy? I know times are tough, but it seems at the very least you could get back together with Iceman and Firestar for an Amazing Friends Reunion Tour. You know, something dignified.


Vic DiGital said...

what Corey neglected to bring up, is that it looked like Spidey's hemeroid-sense was doing a lot more than tingling... That squatty pose was even more painful to see in person.. and in motion.

Corey Bond said...

What strikes me as funny about the picture in question is the proximity of the "Exit Only" sign to Spidey's... exit.