Friday, September 15, 2006

A Boss Called Kev

This morning I was going to get started on a new writing project, but since I was waiting for an email from the client, I decided to kill some time blogging about zombies and photoshopping my boss Kevin Cinquemano's face onto another cover or two of A Man Called Kev. Because, you know, I'm all about productivity.

Honestly, his name is Kevin, he owns a comics shop, it had to be done.

The real fun is printing them out on glossy photo paper, wrapping them around actual comics, then bagging and boarding them and putting them on display in the store. Because invariably some percentage of the customers will believe they're real, and their reactions tend to range from, "Wow, that really, really looks like Kevin, how weird," to "How did Kevin get his own comic book?"

Sometimes I'll slap a price tag and a "Variant Edition" sticker on the bag. Yes, I take pleasure in the gullibility and/or ignorance of others. It's just one of the many retail survival skills I've learned over the years.

Larger versions can be found on Flickr.

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