Friday, September 08, 2006

Bubba Sasquatch

When Bruce Campbell asked the audience at the Houston premiere of his Man With The Screaming Brain which Bubba Ho-Tep sequel they would prefer -- Bubba Nosferatu or Bubba Sasquatch -- I seemed to be one of the few in attendance rooting for the latter.

Personally I think we already have an overabundance of vampire films, and besides, Elvis and Bigfoot are a match made in Weekly World News heaven.

So I was a little annoyed last week when Yahoo! Movies ran the poll below.

Bubba Nosferatu received the most votes -- no surprise there -- but whoever created the poll left Bubba Sasquatch completely off their truly uninspired list. (Seriously, Bubba Lucifer? Bubba Shambler? Lame.) Don't they even read their own movie listings? Bubba Sasquatch is mentioned in the Yahoo! Movie descriptions of both Bubba Ho-Tep and Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires.

The good news is that writer/director Don Coscarelli has suggested that Bubba Sasquatch will be the third movie in the Elvis-fighting-monsters trilogy. Even better is the news that the first Bubba Ho-Tep sequel seems to have moved from the "cool idea" phase to the "actually getting made" phase, based on Paul Giamatti's confirmation of the rumor that he'll be co-starring with Bruce in Curse of the She-Vampires early next year. Giamatti (Lady in the Water, The Illusionist) is set to play Elvis' eccentric manager Colonel Tom Parker.

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