Friday, September 08, 2006

Unrealized Star Trek Merchandising Potential

Today's the 40th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise, and you know what I want? A Captain Christopher Pike action figure. No, not the healthy one. I want the version that was horribly disfigured by delta radiation and confined to the chair with the flashing lights.

The chair should be radio-controlled, so that I can make it roll around the room. And as an added bonus, the remote control should have an extra button on it marked "Ask Question" that causes the chair lights to randomly flash and beep either once or twice when you press it, so that you can use Captain Pike like a Magic 8-Ball that only answers "yes" or "no." Because, obviously, "Reply hazy... ask again later" would require way too many flashes and beeps.

Seriously, this has to be the only character from the original series that's never been immortalized as an action figure, and you know every Trekkie on the planet would have to own one. Nevertheless, I'm sure if I were to calculate the odds of Art Asylum actually producing such a toy, the answer would be "Outlook not so good."

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