Friday, November 24, 2006

A Boss Called Kev #4

"Black Friday"

The action figure situation at Paper Heroes has spiralled out of control. With a big sale scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving, Corey decides to give Kev one last chance, but even at 15% off they are unable to significantly reduce the inventory, and still more cases are on the way. As the overstock reaches critical mass, Corey realizes that his boss must be stopped... by any means necessary. Hoping to make Kev's death a happy one, Corey hires Jennifer Connelly -- a skilled ninja assassin -- and instructs her to kill his boss before he completes the monthly Diamond Previews order.

Will Kev survive? Once he sees Jennifer Connelly in person, will he even attempt to defend himself?

For a little background on why I repeatedly photoshop my boss onto comic book covers, click here. Or, to see the rest of the Kev covers on Flickr, click here.

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