Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dog the Bounty Hunter Broke My Nunchuks

Halloween Party
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Halloween 2006 Recap: After not doing much in the past few years to celebrate the only holiday that I can really get behind, I was happy when my boss Kevin announced a Halloween Party for Saturday night, giving me a reason to get a costume together.

Of course, chronic procrastinator that I am, Saturday afternoon rolled around and I was still trying to think of something to dress up as. Knowing I had the makings for about half a ninja costume, I'd been trying to think of something funny and incongruous to combine it with. Themes I considered were Pirate Ninja, Clown Ninja, Office Ninja (like an Office Linebacker, but more lethal), Homeless Ninja ("Will Kill For Food"), or even NASCAR Ninja (but all of the NASCAR jerseys we sell at the store are WAY too expensive, especially considering that I'd never wear any of them ever again under any circumstance).

Finally, while walking through Wal-Mart, I spotted the rack of orange safety vests, and Safety Ninja was born. Nothing says "stealth" like a glow-in-the-dark orange vest. And while Safety Ninja easily bested Zorro in a sword fight, he was no match for Dog the Bounty Hunter, hence the title of this blog entry.

While the Halloween party on Saturday night was a lot of fun, Halloween Night was a bit of a let down. I wore my costume to work, but needn't have bothered, as I think we averaged about one customer per hour for the duration of my shift. And an accident involving an 18-wheeler and power lines that afternoon had left the store without cable TV. So I'm sure I was a pathetic sight yesterday... a 37-year-old comics geek in a ninja costume, sitting alone in a comics shop for hours on end, bored out of my mind. And the situation when I got home was eerily similar, as I went from having no customers to no trick-or-treaters. (Oh well, I guess I'll just have to haul all the leftover candy down to the store... what a shame).

But I did celebrate the holiday by finally watching my SLiTHER DVD last night. A truly funny and twisted horror movie with a number of great performances, it will definitely be one that I watch again and again.

So remember kids, be safe on Halloween. Don't die by accident... wait for a ninja to kill you.


Don said...

Slither rocked...especially the song during the closing credits. Can't wait for Slither 2 cuz they gots to make it.

Anonymous said...

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