Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Helmet of Fate: 52

In 2007, DC will be publishing a number of Helmet of Fate one-shots which will lead up to a new Dr. Fate series by one of my favorite writers, Steve Gerber (best known as the creator of Howard the Duck). In the one-shots, Fate's helmet will take a tour around the DC Universe, passing through the hands of a number of the DCU's magic-oriented inhabitants. (More details at Newsarama).

The helmet seems to have taken an unexpected detour on the cover of this week's issue of 52 (Week 25), proving that, as magic artifacts go, this one's pretty versatile.


Capn John said...

Hey, more D.C. humor!

Corey Bond said...

Yeah, it's my theme this week. Check back, there's more to come.

SallyP said...

Excellent covers aren't they? 52 does seem to be hitting its stride lately.